SCI-FI Cheerleader

SCI-FI Cheerleader seducing aliens
ULTRA Spacegirl, Tall Goddess, goes undercover as a college cheerleader, after her allies in the Galactic Hentai Counsel provided her with an especially seductive SCI-FI Cheerleader Uniform! Knowing the Evil Alien Forces prey on unsuspecting “Hot Collegiate Snatch”; Tall Goddess is prepared when the Alien Forces transport her to their “Pussy Suck and Probe” (PSP) Laboratory. Seemingly disarmed, Tall Goddess uses her “Special Powers” to overcome the probes’ bondage and injection procedures! The Alien Forces don’t want to mess with this Babe’s Hot Pussy!
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Space Slaves

Space Slaves in lesbian sex
Space Slaves – starring Vega Vixen and Sofia! In a distant galaxy there is a war raging between solar systems, a war to capture female slaves to be traded and sold at auctions In preparation for their mission. Vega Vixen & Sofia begin their training by testing each others sexual power and strength.
Within seconds of their training Vega Vixen over powers her opponent with ease. Vega’s dominant power overwhelms the inexperienced Sofia as Vega reduces her into a mindless whore. No match for the power of the this blue Sci Fi Warrior Sofia’s mind drifts far away as she splendors in ecstasy as Vega swarms her with sexual energy
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Ultra Virgin

The Ultra Virgin Girls Intro
The Ultra Virgin, Born in outer space, but raised in Arizona Tall Goddess (as her foster parents called her) only recently has been reunited with her long lost sister, Calypso, and the truth about her alien origins.
Now, despite being a full-fledged Spacegirl cadet, Tall Goddess feels even more like an outsider than she did on Earth, and is anxious to prove herself by losing her virginity to an alien; to the Spacegirls, Earth men don’t really count…
But what our bubble-headed desert heroine doesn’t realize is that she’s about to get everything she asked for; And a whole lot that she didn’t…
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